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No.  Doing any home wiring can void your home insurance.  If anything were to happen from your work which would result in an accident which causes damage (and to other properties), you will become 100% liable.  At Electrical Savvy, we are insured & certified.  Our knowledge can save you a big accident.

Licensed Electricians know the current codes and the best practices to update or repair problems in your electrical system.

To ensure your home is protected if something is wrong with the electrical that was done by the contractor.

If any contractor/worker works on your property without WorkSafe coverage, you could be held liable for any medical expenses or loss of wages.

It is possible there is a loose or corroded connection. These connections make intermittent contact causing the flickering.They can also cause overheating and sparking, presenting a fire hazard.

Electrical arcing, poor connection, or tripped circuit breaker can cause a certain outlet to stop working. If the breaker has tripped, it could mean that there is a heat build up, melted wires or receptacles somewhere on the circuit.

The breaker shut down electrical circuit that overloads and causes overheating. If a breaker keeps tripping, it could mean there is a problem with the circuit or breaker. In most cases, you are running too many appliances on that circuit.

Instead of just replacing the circuit, it is important to find out what causes the problem in the first place.

It is always a good idea to bring in an electrician if you haven’t in the last year or two. As there are always update to electrical code and it is good practice to check for connection issues before there is a problem.

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